December 20, 2004                                                                             

BLM Work Project - Update


Round 3 - Sunday, December 19th:

Brian White, the BLM's Clear Creek Coordinator asked us to thank everyone who has helped the BLM finish the fence now protecting the last unprotected San Benito Evening Primrose location.  He estimates that over the three workdays that volunteers donated approximately 300 hours of labor, most of which was donated by the OHV community.


The will be one more workday sometime in January to stretch the wire cable around the fence.  It is not enough that the area surrounding the plant habitat is closed and that now there is a wire fence around the site.  The BLM wants a fence worthy of Fort Knox.


We will keep you posted on the next opportunity to complete this project.


Round 2: We had a second workday on Saturday, December 4.  This time we had 15 members of the OHV community lend a hand along with four members of the environmental community.   We finished digging all of the post holes and ran fencing along two sides of the plant enclosure.  Special thanks to everyone how helped, especially members of the Los Altos Dirtbikers who hold the club attendance title. 



Picture 1 - Terry Pederson, Timekeepers; Pictures 2/3 Mike Z. (Timekeepers) and Bill T (Los Altos Dirtbikers)


Here are some pictures by David Tharp, aka Plant Guy on Thumpertalk, who spent the entire day helping with the fencing project.


Round 1: On Saturday, 11/20 approximately 25 OHV volunteers spent the day distributing fencing supplies that the BLM had airlifted into upper Clear Creek canyon and then digging post holes.  Towards the end of the day we were able to run the first 300 ft. section of fence.




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