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Perfect Two by Auburn

Perfect Two by Auburn is a relatively simple song to learn.  It  is played in the key of G and uses four chords that repeat throughout the song.  Three of the chords, G, D and C are found in your student workbook and on the main Lesson Page.  The fourth chord, E minor (or notated as Em) is the minor version of the E major chord.

Instructional video

Lyrics with chords

Youtube video of Auburn performing Perfect Two.  In the video, the song is played using a capo at the fifth fret and instead of the G, D, Em, C chord sequence, you would play D, A, Bm (B minor) and G chords.  What can be confusing to new guitar players is the fact that the basic chords that we teach in class can actually be played in several locations on the guitar neck.  While you would be playing D, A, Bm and G chords, because you are using a capo at the fifth fret, in effect you are playing G, D, Em and C, just at a different location on the guitar neck.