Left Hand Guitar Chord Diagrams

String Numbers & Names: Below is a  picture of a left hand guitar.  The fattest string (Low E) is on the right and the thinnest string (High E) is on the left as you look at the fret board.  When you hold the guitar, the fattest string will be at the top and the thinnest string will at the bottom.   Memorize the string numbers and open string names as you instructor will refer to them frequently.

String Number

Open Notes









Finger Numbers: The finger numbers shown in the picture below will be used in the chord diagrams further down this page.



Left Hand Chord Diagrams:  In the chord diagrams below, the 'O' below the chord name means that the string is played 'Open' while the 'X' means you do not play the string.  The large black numbers below the diagram shows which finger you should use to play the string.