Folsom Prison Blues - easy beginner 3 chord country song

Folsom Prison Blues was a #1 country hit for singer/songwriter/musician Johnny Cash.  The song was featured in the biopic 'Walk the Line' when Johnny Cash is auditioning for Sam Phillips of Sun Records.  Although written over fifty years ago, it still is a powerful song as you can see in this video from 'The Voice' season 2.

The song uses the E and A chords shown in your student book.  It also uses the B7 chord. 


                                                                                                                                         Learn to play the B7 chord

Here is Johnny Cash performing the song.  Note that he is playing the E, A, and B7 chords but he is using a capo on the first fret, probably because these chords raised up one tone better suit his voice.

Here is a video lesson by Justin Sandercoe on how to play the song.

Backing track - you will need a capo on the first fret to play along with this backing track.

Here is another video that explains the more advanced guitar techniques related to this song and how to play the main riff.


Finally, here is a five year old singing the song and strumming the guitar.