6th Annual Ricky Graham Memorial

Friends finish first
By:  Karen Gould
King City, CA - May 13, 2005

The Salinas Ramblers orchestrated another great day of racing for the 6th annual Ricky Graham Memorial at the Fake rolex King City Fairgrounds in honor of the late and great Ricky Graham.  Graham was a familiar face in this part of California, growing up and racing here for most of his life with a lot of the riders that come out to ride this race each year.  Graham who was a 39-time Grand National champion was also first in the nation in fake omega watches 1984 and 1993 and set a record for the fastest race on a mile at Springfield, Illinois averaging 103.06 miles per hour in 1986. Graham lost his life in a fire in fake omega watches 1998.

As always, the Ramblers do a great job at track prep, giving the riders a nice cushion oval ride.  Riders as young as four fake tag heuer watches years old along with riders over 60 rode the 8 lap main events.

Young Lauren Wallace, who nearly lost her life last year following a horrible crash at Willow Springs rode pole to pole in front of the 250cc pack for a great come back to racing this year.  Stevie Bonsey, Replica audemars piguet who sat beside Wallace daily during her recovery, rode the Open A to an easy victory.  Clay Chambers who can often be seen at the track putting Wallace over his head in the air took the Vet A +40 event to the checkers with Paul Herman on his back wheel.  Chambers riding with the #1 District 35 vet plate finished the Pro class behind Herman.  These three riders are good friends, riding together frequently at Wallace's at home and sharing moments in the pits at every track they ride.  Tommy Carriger another of Wallace's buddies finished the Vet 30+ in the second spot behind Anthony Giamanco and it was Kurt Chandler that finished this class in the third spot.  Chandler along with Jimmy Higuera both coach Wallace and Bonsey.  These coastal community members, and many more, are a Replica audemars piguet tight knit group of friends that was more than evident after Wallace's crash, putting together a dinner on her behalf in less than two weeks that raised $15,000 to help with her medical expenses.

Johnny Larson got the hole shot in the vintage A 600/750 event with Giamonco and Robert Scally on his back wheel.  Giamanco got around Larson in lap 3 while Scally kept Larson honest through the 8th and final lap.   Jess Race Garcia, Leah Faro, J. Olmos and D Ponton all won their 125 4 stroke classes.  Cody Silva, flying around the track on his 85 took this class home with Briar Bauman finishing second.  Bauman's first race took place during the 2002 Ricky Graham Memorial race where he finished last in the C class.Replica tag heuer watches

The King City Ricky Graham Memorial race is held each year by the Salinas Ramblers on the Friday following Mother's Day during the fair.  Armbands purchased for the races allow free entry into the fair.  The Rambler's will host two more events in June at the Salinas Sports Complex.

Photo:  #1 Clay Champber, #21 Tommy Carriger and #67 Chuck Monasmith competing
        #51W Stevie Bonsey winning the Sportsman A
        #64W Lauren Wallace in the combined 250 event
        The Open B class was rough resulting in two crashes

More dirt track photos

Race Booklet


PW50 (4-6):  Quintin Roach (Yam)   Derrick Ponton (Yam) 

PW50 (7-8):   Bruce Leighton (Hon)  Miranda Garcia (Hon)


50cc A (4-6): Bradley Daoro (KTM)  Andrew Luker (KTM)   50cc C (4-6):   Christian Beck (KTM)  Christopher Davis  (KTM)     50cc C (7-8):   Rhett Gonzales (KTM)  Zane Cault (KTM)   Seth Graham (KTM)   Sam Graham (Hon)


65cc A:   RJ Mendez (KTM)   Bronson Bauman (Kaw)   

65cc C:  Austin Scaggs (KTM)   Jacob Ealy (KTM)   Rhett Gonzalez (KTM)   Zane Caulk (KTM)  Zach Panziera (Kaw)


85cc A:    Cody Silva (Kaw)   Briar Bauman (Hon)   Bobby Caldeira    85cc C (9-11):  Colton Stoughton   

85cc C (12-15):   Jesse Sleeper (Hon)   Will McKinney (Yam)


Powder Puff :   Myriah Swift (Hon)    Danielle Caldeira (Hon)   Brittney Mellow (Yam)   Anna Liedkie


MOMS ONLY:    Christiine Caldiera (Hon)   Kimm Hall (Hon)


4/strk 100cc A:    Bobby Caldiera (Hon)    Phil Anderson (Hon)   Cody Silva (Hon) 

4/strk 100cc C:   . Anna Liedkie (Hon)   Wesley Daora (Hon)   Austin Scaggs (Hon)   Ben Cerney (Hon)

 Eddy McKinney (Hon)


4/strk 125cc A:   Leah Faro (Hon)   

4/strk 125cc (+16): Derrick Ponton (Yam)  Eduardo Garcia

4/strk 125cc A (-16):   Jacob Olmos (Hon)   Jess Garcia (Hon)   Dustin Hayes (Hon)  Colby Varley (Hon)   Stuart Harney (Yam)   Colton Garcia


4/strk 250cc A:   Justin Petz (Hon)   Jett Chandler (Hon)  Marty Lawrence (Honda)  Mark Swenson (Hon)

4/strk 250cc C:   Brandi Monasmith (Hon)  Billy Miller (Yam)  Jess Garcia (Hon)   Mitchell Brott (Hon)   Danielle Caldiera (Hon) 


250A:  Lauren Wallace (Hon)  Joe Meyer (Yam)  Bob Stuscavage (Bul)   

250C:   Billy Miller (Yam)  Stevie Hall (Hon)  Jesse Sleeper (Hon)   TJ Etchison (Hon)    Mike Burke (Hon)  Jack Hayes (Bul)


VET A:  Anthony Giammanco (Yam)  Tommy Carriger (Hon)  Kurt Chandler (Hon)  Chuck Monasmith (Rtx)  Mark Biscardi (Hon)  Jeremy Chisum (Rtx)   

VET B:  Dale Jensen (Hon)  Greg Soderer (Hon)  Steve Eddings (Yam)   Marty Lawrence (Hon)   

VET C:   Jason Craven (Hon)


SENIOR A:    Clay Chambers (Rtx)   Paul Herman (Yam)  Kevin Crowley (Hon)  Mark Biscardi (Hon)  John Larson (Yam)  Dave Helwig (Yam)  

SENIOR C:  Scott Graham (Hon)  Doug Cohon (Hon)  Malcolm Roe (Bul)  Bob Stuscavage (Bul)


SUPER SR:  Robert Scally (Tri)  Phil Jabobson (Bul)  Dan Phillips (Tri)  Jack Hayes (Yam)  Bill Calicura (Bul)


VINTAGE 600:  Anthony Giammano (Yam) John Larson (Yam)  Bill Calicura (Bul)


VINTAGE 750 Twins:  Robert Scalley (Tri)   Dan Phillips (Tri)


OPEN SPTMN A:  Stevie Bonsey (Hon)  Rodney Spencer Jr (Hon)  Mike Dillard (Yam)  

OPEN SPTMN B:  Dale Jensen (Hon)  Patrick Ballew (Hon)  Larry Clover (Hon)  

OPEN SPTMN C:  Mike Burke (Hon)  Steven Henson (Yam)  Joshua Sleeper (Hon)  Joey Reed-Alcaraz (Yam)  Matt Collins (Hon)


OPEN PRO:  Paul Herman (Yam)  John Hlebo III (Hon)  Chris Canepa (Hon)  Tommy Carriger (Hon)  David Brown (Rtx)  Kurt Chandler (Hon)  Chuck Monasmith (Rtx)